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UC Berkeley - Social Sciences

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Explore and transform the world at Berkeley Social Sciences. Our 15 top-ranked academic departments and programs offer a unique academic journey led by renowned faculty, who help shape a profound understanding of human interactions. 

As the largest academic division at UC Berkeley, we provide unparalleled opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to examine wide-ranging issues – from individual identity to the intricacies of democratic principles and the global marketplace. 

Berkeley Social Sciences Fast Facts

  • Social Sciences is the largest and most diverse academic division at UC Berkeley, with 20% of the faculty and 25% of the student body. The Division has a significant proportion of students of color from underrepresented communities and first-generation students, further emphasizing its commitment to providing equitable educational opportunities.

  • Our 15 departments and programs are consistently ranked among the nation’s best by U.S. News & World Report's 2023 Best Graduate Schools Sociology No. 1, Psychology No. 1, History No. 1, Economics No. 4 and Political Science No. 4.(link is external) U.S. News also ranked  Psychology and Economics No. 1 for their undergraduate programs in the 2024 national rankings for best colleges.

  • Social Sciences has had six Nobel laureates and several John Bates Clark Medal winners, while other prestigious awards and honors given to faculty include the Berlin Prize, Fukuoka Prize, Jessie Bernard Award, Berkeley’s Distinguished Teaching Award and numerous memberships into the National Academy of Sciences.

  • Berkeley Social Sciences' pioneering research brings in nearly $200 million in annual external funding to dissect societal challenges and find innovative solutions.

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