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Advize helps students learn about careers and gives them a leg-up in their career search to land their dream job.

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Student First

We put the student at the center of everything we do.


Bring your whole, real self. Advizers, employers,  students. Every perspective has value. 


Push boundaries, question assumptions, learn and be open to new and better ideas.


We believe that lack of access to information should never be a barrier to success.


A belief that anything is possible: embrace the fear and dive in with excitement. 

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Our Story

Driven by our own student struggles and recognizing the heightened challenges today, we strive to innovate and improve a crucial aspect of everyone's life - career navigation.

Advize was born in 2023, coming out of UCLA Anderson's MBA Program after spending countless hours testing ideas with students and winning $10,000 at UC Davis's Big Bang Competition for the Education Tools Sector.

The initial idea started with our Founder and CEO, Emily McSherry, who grew up in a small town in Texas and was a very ambitious college freshman determined to find the best career possible. Even with leadership roles, a double business major at the top of her class, and extensive resources from family and the career center, she left college feeling very lost and confused about her career. She knew if it was difficult for her, it was painful for everyone, especially for underserved students.

Her first job was in sales at a recruitment agency where she interviewed countless professionals every day, learning about different roles across every industry at top companies from Microsoft to Johnson and Johnson.

By the time Emily got to UCLA Anderson in 2021, she realized the information from these interviews was priceless and that accessible and relatable career information would help college students make better career decisions earlier. And thus, Advize was born.

How are we Student First?

Advize is always free for students and built for students.

No recruiter spam. 

We understand not every student comes from a family of successful professionals or college graduates who provide access to career information. We understand not every student has extra money to afford the resources they need. 

Students are busy balancing academic commitments, job applications, networking, extracurricular activities, and even taking care of loved ones.


Time constraints impact the ability to explore diverse opportunities, especially setting up live informational interviews and doing enough to feel confident. Most student don't feel confident about the questions to ask professionals, either.

This is why Advize is free for students, built for students.

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How do we make money if we’re free for students?

We charge University, Alternative Education Providers, and Company partners.

Universities, Alternative Education Providers, and Companies love using Advize as it allows them to showcase their alumni and successful employees in various professions to help students watch and learn from future successful versions of themselves. Our partners appreciate the fact our interviews take 30-45 minutes but impact and reach countless students in a way they love - short form video - and an interview is relevant for years, saving time and capturing incredible knowledge from their networks all in one place.

Video is today's power tool. Job descriptions and existing resources and methods aren't cutting it.

Advize helps our partners with marketing and recruitment services to diverse students, saving them an incredible amount of time while expanding access to students they would otherwise not reach.

What about student data? Coming soon: opt-out of your student profile being seen by companies and universities. However, students will opportunities for the best potential career path matches.

Our Team


Emily McSherry, MBA

Founder & CEO

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Aadithya Umashankar, MBA

Tech Lead

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Seasoned Executives, Entrepreneurs, & Investors

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