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Why Quality Career Research Matters More than Sending Tons of Job Applications

Better Tools Boost Productivity

Imagine that you’ve been asked to chop 100 logs in half, that you’ve never swung an axe before, and that your supervisor gave you a dull axe with vague instructions on how to complete your task.

To improve your chances of success, you could replace your axe with a better one, find a way to sharpen it, or request clearer instructions--but ultimately: you would need a bit more than you’ve been given–and it’s really not an encouraging start to be left with a difficult task, and inadequate tools and direction to accomplish it. 

Conducting career research and choosing a career direction shouldn’t have anything in common with the scenario above. Without the proper tools, instruction, and experience to complete career research, career research planning can get really overwhelming for students, really fast. It can be difficult to know where to begin to strategize for success, and often leads to panicked decision making in an important time of life.

Advize understands how students may feel while trying to complete their curriculums and think beyond their program at the same time. Where students may feel under-supported, Advize’s career research platform helps ensure students aren’t just blindly applying to jobs in order to keep their application numbers high. Advize helps students verbalize and articulate their personal career needs so they understand how they relate to their pursuits before they expend their efforts in one or more career directions. Without this important, reflective pre-step, students are often set up for less meaningful action.

Questions Advize Answers for Students Conducting Career Research 

Upon completing the quiz, the Advize platform creates a personalized library of short-form interview content sorted by question and career match for users to watch and learn from. 

Once students arrive to their personalized Advize library, they can expect to hear responses from Advizers in their career fields of interest.  The interviews are specifically crafted and conducted to help alleviate common student pain points when it comes to researching careers. 

Advize’s interviews can help students answer important questions like: 

  • Is there anyone like me/ anyone who has a life story like mine in my career field?

  • What skills are most valued in my career paths of interest?

  • What are common challenges people experience in this career?

  • What careers can I do with my major?

  • Do I like what the career is? Do I like what the responsibilities are?

  • How well do I resonate with the required skills?

  • Do I have the skills? 

  • Do I need more education?

  • What industry do I want to work in?

  • What is this industry?

Take the Advize Quiz and Start Your Career Research Today

The Advize platform is modernizing the common belief that it’s not what you know: it’s who you know. With Advize, you gain access to top-quality professionals based on what you know, and who you are

Thank you for reading–we look forward to helping you kickstart your career research. Get started with your career research today by taking the Advize quiz. For a step by step guide on how to take the quiz, use the pdf link below. To contact Advize directly, please write an email to

Advize Step By Step Instructions
Download PDF • 529KB


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