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Maximize Summer Career Research Productivity with Advize

Updated: Jun 14

Strategize for Successful Career Research

Want to get ahead this summer? Advize's career learning platform can help structure your research and maximize productivity while you have some time between semesters. Visualize future successes, reflect on current career interests, and strategize for what you’d like to explore next semester with our learning platform tools, career prep templates, and one-on-one support from our CEO, Emily McSherry

Once you’re graduated, everyday demands and pressures of a new career can leave you with less time to reflect, and a need to continuously improvise on-the-job. Taking advantage of time between semesters (not all of your time–Advize believes in balance, too!) can help you gain small insights on your career interests that can give you more control over your transition from student to professional. 

Advize’s career learning platform was designed to help students be productive when they conduct career research, no matter how much time that they have to allocate, so whether you have time for some light surfing or to dive deep, we've got you covered. Check out Advize's recommended summer productivity checklist below.

Advize’s Summer Success Checklist 

Take a pause at the poolside, or use a few minutes of your break at work to see if you can schedule in some focus time to complete one or all of the following items listed below:

  • Get Linkedin Ready with Emily McSherry, CEO of Advize For a limited time, Emily McSherry, CEO of Advize, has appointment slots available for career consultations. She can meet with you one-on-one to:

    • Look at your resume

    • Offer general career advice

    • Share tips on how to manage time and maximize efforts

    • Customize your current self-marketing strategies to advance your academic or professional career status 

    • Review and edit your Linkedin page You can book an appointment with Emily here. You can also access a free recorded LinkedIn-ready workshop after taking the Advize Career Quiz.

  • Take the Advize Career Quiz The Advize Career Quiz is an interactive and reflective tool designed to help get your career research started quickly and easily. 

Once you complete the quiz, you’ll have access to:

  • A custom library of Advizer interviews based on your quiz results

  • The full archive of over 5,000 searchable, filterable Advizer interview video clips

  • Advize's resume creation template

  • Advize's Linkedin-ready workshop

To take the quiz, navigate to the quiz start home page, then follow step by step instructions below.

Advize Step By Step Instructions
Download PDF • 529KB

Explore the Advize library 

 If you're looking for something a little more lightweight and scrollable, you can explore Advize's interview library.

All you have to do is create an Advize login, sign in, then navigate to the Advize home screen and click All Interviews.

Use the filters to customize your search and find the right Advizers for you.

A Closing Note from Emily McSherry, CEO of Advize

We hope to hear from you this summer! In the meantime, here's a closing note from Emily McSherry, CEO of Advize:

Hello Advize community, 

I hope you're having an awesome summer! 

I remember how it felt to start my very first sales job after college. I moved to LA with all of my things (and a student loan), and I was excited to just get going on the career I spent four years preparing for. 

Being a new resident in LA and being independently financially responsible for my life without student perks was a lot to handle: At work, I had to complete 500 cold calls per week to senior executives across the current list of Fortune 500 companies (Starbucks corporate, Wall Street, Microsoft, and many others) and commuted into the office every day. I had to manage my own health insurance and retirement savings for the first time (which was provided by my job yet still confusing to navigate). I also had to manage new things, like making friends outside of a university setting, and making myself at home in a big city–massive, in fact, compared to the small Texas town and Tucson, Arizona–the only places I had lived so far. On top of everything I was trying to learn about and maintain every day, fifty percent of my income was going straight to rent. It was a lot of change to deal with all at once.

I realized in that time how little I knew about careers and my own career path, but I was already  headed down the road full-speed. I also realized that many others felt the same way—and wished I had explored more before checking graduation off the list.

Eventually, I was able to pivot in a new direction and was much happier in my career, but it took years. It was hard to study how to get out of sales while trying to stay on top of sales—and there was no way for me to gather information about changing careers besides arbitrarily cold calling professionals who had a history of sales jobs, which was very time consuming. I wanted to explore other options without sacrificing too much time.

After eventually changing my career from sales to a Learning and Development position, I got into UCLA Business school, and shortly after graduating, became the CEO and founder of my own learning technology platform that ultimately addresses the history of struggles I overcame to arrive at this point. Advize provides students and young professionals with tools I wish I had. 

With that, I hope Advize can be the source of exciting starts for many people that are students or young professionals. Whether you're just starting out into your career, or if you're already in the thick of it and want to make a big change. I made this tool because I would have chosen a different path straight from the beginning–but at the same time, I'm very grateful to be here! Hope to hear from you soon. Let´s get ahead and stay ahead this summer!



(For short-response questions, please reach out to me at For in-depth consultations, please book an appointment with me here).


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