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Expedite and Optimize Your Career Research Journey with Advize

Simplify the Informational Interview Process with Advize

Informational interviews are informal interviews that students organize with working professionals to familiarize themselves with career fields of interest. They reach out to professionals via LinkedIn, or use personal professional resources, like friends or family, to connect to professional worlds and begin networking. 

While connecting with professionals for live interviews is extremely valuable, especially for students to learn how to create their own connections for real job and internship opportunities, informational interviews are most valuable when students have a genuine sense of what they want–and that typically comes from a high exposure to a variety of professionals. 

Advize’s career search platform helps to quickly narrow the career search scope. It exposes students to a variety of professionals without them having to make cold-calls, commute, or sacrifice important time between studies to receive vital information for their career direction. It’s built for students that need to maximize their exposure without sacrificing time, but also, for students who would like to take their informational interview to a highly-refined level. Advize’s career search platform is here to give students more of what they need: help.

Conflicts Between the Traditional Informational Interview Process and the Needs of Modern Students

On top of climbing steep learning curves in many different areas of everyday life, the average student carries earnest visions of many different directions their lives can take, along with the need to be in their best possible mindset to make wise choices. 

Students who carry extra struggles, or students who come from underserved communities, tend to experience much more difficulty building networks with alumni and professionals on LinkedIn due to language barriers and not knowing what to search for. 

Adding another uncompensated, fully-manual task, like organizing and conducting informational interviews, makes students of all types more stressed where they just need more support to clarify where they are headed. 

Advize’s workflows are designed with the understanding that it can take the average student up to 25 hours or more to thoroughly investigate a single career area at the rate of 10 interviews per career area. The infographic below demonstrates a standard Advize workflow. Notice how just by taking the Advize quiz, you substantially condense multiple career research steps into one. 

Get In Touch with Advize and Start Researching Today

Ready to take your career research to the next level? Start by taking the quiz and following the step-by-step instructions below.

Advize Step By Step Instructions
Download PDF • 529KB

Have questions or feedback for our team? Send an email to Want to manually browse our professional interview library? Visit this page to start streaming expert advice from over 5,000 short-form interview videos.

In the meantime, rest up and stay patient with those career goals. Advize is here to help open the scope of your career choices to give you the power to narrow it. Follow Advize’s journey here to stay updated with future news and developments.


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